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Sam 45

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Question for any computery internet types out there. What are the best ways i can improve my google search ranking on my website? From what i've read so far it is linking from other websites to yours that seems to yield the best results. Currently when i type 'Recording Studio Glasgow' into Google my website comes up on page 4. It was at 15 originally and has gone steadily down 4. Obviously i want to get this down to page 1/2 but i don't have the money at the moment to be paying a company for SEO.

Any advice?

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It's a tricky art. One of the things google ranks results by is relevance, which it judges by the number of sites linking to your website. If you can get other music websites linking to it then that will help.

The other thing you can do is make sure any page titles, urls and images are named accurately and descriptively. This will help google pickup those individual aspects of your site and again help it define relevance. If you have an image of a recording desk on the site don't call it img0001.jpg. It'll never appear in image search that way but recording_desk.jpg will.

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There's an entire industry based around SEO. As Chris says, it's a tricky art.

This is quite a good place to start : http://www.seomoz.org/beginners-guide-to-seo

free easy things you can do (and are maybe well aware of) are

1) start a blog hosted on the domain of your site - add good content that people will share rather than just announcements about your business.

2) Comment a lot on relevant forums/articles (use your company facebook login for facebook-integrated comment plug-ins and make sure to add your site in the form for non-facebook ones)

3) Use question and answer sites (yahoo, etc)- I dunno a lot about music ones but what we do this at my company and the click-through rate is quite impressive actually. A lot of people type in a full question into google and these sites are often the first result.

4) Send out offers to blogs/sites/zines that write about things that write about things loosely relevant for them to interview you. Sounds a bit naff but the simple fact is most bloggers are in a constant struggle for content and will happily do it. It also puts your site/name on a wider range of sites, so for example, you could reach out to a non-music blog that entrepreneurial goings on or small businesses in your area. Then you have the 'glasgow' part covered.

5) Offer to write blog posts as a guest author. You get a link, they get content, everyone's a winner. Again, we do this a lot and it increases your sphere of influence a whole bunch.

Edit: I read somewhere the other day that something like 5% of people click past the first page of results on google. So SEO is mega important.

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