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dumb xbox question


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You can buy various capacity removable hard drives from 20gb up to 250gb. If you have a slim Xbox360 you need the specific hard drive for that, as the 'fat' Xbox's hard drive doesn't fit on the slim and vice versa. Also beware of buying hard drives off Ebay (especially from Hong Kong sellers) as there are a lot of fakes on there.

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can't you use a fat xbox hard drive on a slim with an adapter cable? or did i just imagine that?

I think you can use the transfer cable, which I also have.

Alternatively you could try this.....

This guy opened the hard drive and took out the main part and opens the port on the side of the xbox slim. I checked the side of my 250gb Xbox and it has this port. Apparently this does not invalidate your warranty as you are still using Microsoft approved product.

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