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The Forecast For Gavfest Is Sun!!!!!

eat your parents

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Just checked a few sites.

The temperature is going to be as high as "octaine rock" apparently.

Eat it, and get buckled!


all at MILL OF URAS THIS SATURDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

email gavfest@hotmail.com for details

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rumour has it that theyve dug up buddy holly for gav-fest and ray harryhausen is on board using modern, stop-motion animation techniques to bring the corpse of this once great man back to the full, pouting, zombified return to glory the world has been promised ever since the voodoo lady cursed him. tribute cds will also be sold.

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what the hell is wrong with Kiss? or Van Halen?

next you'll say no Aerosmith either.....

children today!!

I'm 60, so take that back you servent of the goated one, and yes, down with Van Halen!

I saw them at Wembley back in the 80s, when the char was grill and the post was box. Still didn't think much.

Long live Buddy Holly!

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