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Cheeens - Hometown (Prod.EKIZEL) OFFICIAL VIDEO


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Alright,how you all doing !?

I have never signed up here before and thought the song that I am about to post was perfect for this forum, as it is mostly about the Granite City.

Aberdeen rappers have always had a difficult time trying to get there stuff out there as folk aren't to keen on the idea, well hopefully I can change that.

so let me know what you think and if you like it, spread the word!

YouTube - ‪Cheeens - Hometown (Prod.EKIZEL) OFFICIAL VIDEO‬‏

Thanks for your time.


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Sounds good to me. Someone once complained to me about paddy rasta saying 'theyre fae aberdeen, why the fuck are they playing reggae?!' I mean slag the band for being bad if you want but don't suggest thy shouldn't play the genre they like.

Unfortunately some people have that attitude about traditionally 'black' genres whereas they'd have no problem with a band from Aberdeen playing Cajun, rockabilly or whatever.

Music's global ... Man. Make the music you want to make and if ts good enough noone will/should have a problem.

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