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FS: EMG Epiphone Les Paul Standard bass


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Hi folks

For sale is an Epiphone Les Paul Standard with quite a few enhancements. The main one being the guts - 2x EMG-HB pickups and an EMG-BQC 3 band EQ with mid sweep. There has been a pickup selector switch fitted in the usual Les Paul position (the stock model never had this) and finished off with some tasteful John East knobs. The bass itself is the "posh" model (discontinued) with body binding, carved top and flowerpot inlay.





There are a couple of dings in the bass (not mine!) which I will photograph in due course in the spirit of full disclosure. Currently strung with a reasonably fresh set of Ernie Ball strings.

I'd like 300 for this. This price is firm. Without wishing to seem defensive, the EMG gubbins would cost nearly 250 at Thomann. I will also supply it with a Mono strap (essential for keeping neck dive at bay) and a gig bag. Cat not included. You are welcome to try it out before buying. Sale only, no trades.

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Ding closeups as requested:

1) Top edge (I had an attempt at filling one of them but it's far from invisible)


2) A few wee dings in the back



3) Between the first and second fret, on the underside of the neck as you hold it - can't be felt when playing


4) One in the front near the selector switch


None of these dings are through to the wood and I have emphasised them heavily to ensure that no-one is under any illusions or feel they are being misled. Of course, if you try before you buy then you can make the judgement for yourself.

Hope someone fancies this monster of a bass, it looks traditional but sounds thoroughly modern, I've gigged it a few times and it's never let me down. I'm only selling it because I've got my eye on something else and it's the odd man out in my collection (don't want to sell any of my Gibsons and my G&L is my only "sensible" bass). After all the work (and expense) put into this bass I am sorry to see it go, but the GAS just won't quit ;)

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A wee bump to say it is currently not packed in a box (someone asked heaps of questions about it, asked me to weigh it (obviously had to unpack it) and then made a low offer - total waste of my time, hmph). You have missed the opportunity for mirth at being the reason for its extrication from the box.

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