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New fridge magnets video

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Not a huge fan of the genre - I expected it to be more along the lines of Kashmir Red.

Winton's voice is interesting in it, it's weird hearing him sing with so many effects on there when live his gruff, raw vocals are so brilliant. The sound goes well with the song though.

All in all, as I said the electro-synth-pop thing isn't really my bag, but the hook is really catchy and the video looks really good.


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Appreciate the feedback folks. Certainly diff than my Kashmir Red days indeed.

But good constructive feedback all of which is taken on board.

Were playing a gig at the Lemon Tree July 2nd with the Little Kicks which should be a lot of fun if you want to come and see us live. It is very night club ish if im honest, but its what were going for, just as a live band opposed to a DJ. (if that makes any sense).

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Guest Gladstone

I think it's ace. Song and video - I'm getting more and more into dance-y type stuff.

It's a bit of a weird combination and I wouldn't have thought it would work before it was done. I.e. dance-y synths band with the biggest "indie-lad" in Aberdeen fronting it.

It's pretty cool though in my opinion.

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Guest Gladstone
"indie lad" ha.

What the fuck's an indie lad?

I was well into my Bass Generator LONG ago ;).

You were a typical "lad" into indie music in a big way, and I'm sure you still are - you know exactly what I mean!

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