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Classic Era Doctor Who


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With thesad death of two of the best loved characters in classic Who, Nicholas Courtney and Elisabeth Sladen, we have eben revisiting a lot of old classic episodes on DVD, just wondering what people's favourite episodes/Dr's/Companions etc may be. I'm a big fan of the Big finish range of CDs which continue classic era Dr stories and with good writing even shows that Colin Baker could have been a good Dr. The BBC at the moment are playing some Big Finish 8th dr episodes which are really good with Paul McGann and Sheridan Smith.

Favourite Dr: Controversial Choice, but my favourite is Sylvester McCoy, especially in his later stories and some of the Big Finish stuff as he is incredibly manipulative, and thinks nothing about destroying a planet if it suits him - ie manipulating Davros into destroying Skaro. A very Dark Dr and I'd love to know where they would have taken him had it not been cancelled.

Favourite Companion: either Ace who I had a big crush on back in the day or the Brigadier, just because he seemed the most human in a lot of ways of the Doctors companions.

Favourite baddie - the early Cybermen, they were genuinely creepy originally. less so in latter years and nowadays.

Anyone else's thoughts on the original series ?

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Tom Baker is as a god anyway, let alone as the Doc.

Adric...Aye, right. Don't be fuggin stupid, its Romana, wasn't she from the planet Bunga Bunga or somesuch.

Actual Best Baddie-Davros

Best because they are so shit-The Robots of Death (*adopts camp voice*"Kill the Doctor, the Doctor MUST die).

I got the 'Genesis of the Daleks' last year for 8, its got the best philosophical dilemma, whether or not to commit genocide during the Daleks formation, or not. And what about that Nessie, eh, eh, classic.

Personally, I am of the opinion that if it wasn't on the telly, then it is not canon material, novelisations of episodes, yes, anything else they have invented is a lot of balls; comics, radio, non-episodic books, all balls, not canonical. Thats the alpha and omega right there.


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