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Guest prerogative

how great are GLC?

i just wanted to download the classic 'guns dont kill people(rappers do)' but i decided to check out some others 'your mothers got a penis' 'dog porn' 'machine' 'soap bar' fuck, they're all class!

i can't believe i didn't check these guys out sooner, even if you're not a fan of rude boys, scallies or rap, check em out!! they're a bunch of loveable lads and great tunes!

anyone else like? other great songs? i'm presuming their albums already released, yeah?

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The GLC have been releasing albums for about 3 years.

They were just cds that they sold at gigs.

Their debut is out in August along with the single which is now out on East / West... AKA Warner Bros...

The Douglas guys have been playing them on their tours for years. South Wales Massive site has some live performances.

They are booked into the Lemon Tree on October 8th.

You know all this because you work for Warners Street Team and it is your job to post this sort of message on messageboards so that people reply and increase the profile for your artist(s).

Trust me. The Lemon Tree gig will sell out very quickly indeed. You do not need to advertise them to the hilt.

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