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The Best Part Of Your Weekend....

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.. will probably be if you head down to the Moorings bar on saturday night (31st). A gig line-up with more tits and fun than jodie marsh or jordan.

First on the stage: Onion Terror, trying to pull off another crazy, fun-packet set of tunes - will be revealing at least two new songs....

Then: King Liar And The Brutes - yea, you'd better believe it. One of their last ever gigs before the band dissolve into sunshine dust and infiltrate 'the source' - i wouldn't miss them for love, money or even a gander at jodie or jordans tits....

Then: Real shocks - Playing what i'm led to believe is a non-stop set, synths, and a chick... that's all i know of them..

But the best-ist-ist-ist part of this whole deal is that the gig is 100% FREE*, and yea, that's everyones favourite price. I'm also led to believe there might be another band... maybe.

So who's heading down?


She is....

*the 'free' thing is no joke, there's no door tax at all....


"What's That Skippy???

Onion Terror?

King Liar And The Brutes??

Real Shocks????

Saturday 31st/Moorings/FREE ENTRY???"

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and ity just got better...

Even better we have added a fourth band to the line-up:

16 Again are also playing, they are an old school punk tribute band, very experienced punk musicians from the first time around, hence the band name.

Looking at the picture above I feel 16 again too.

The reason for the free door tax is that it's the 5th Saturday in the month. Most months only have 4 Saturdays, but every 3 months or so along comes one with 5. We have 4 main sets of promoters, one for each of the regular 4 Saturdays. When a 5th Saturday comes along the bars at a loose end, so if any bands fancy helping out then we're eternally grateful. The only deal is that we do it for fun, so the bands agree to play for free and we therefore wave trhe door tax. Who knows there may be some form of unconditional unguaranteed bonus should we have a good night, and in this case I'm sure we will.

Cheers to everyone that's agreed to pay. I think we'll call thses nights 'Blue Moon Saturdays'.

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We'll have to see how work goes but you know I wanna ^_^

PS.Jodie Marsh might actually put more peeps off of going than entice along you know...

On reflection I agree' date=' she's just a slapper, one rung up the ladder from Jordan. And as for Jordan... you'd have to tie a pork chop to that to get the dog to play with it!

If you want to entice people then you need to post a picture of someone nicer. Someone you could take home to your parents for tea and biscuits. Someone like Ninette Terhart:


And she can sing a bit too.

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In all seriousness I suspect that those are robo-hooters, so Ninette doesn't really do it for me either. Personally I feel that plastic surgey is best avoided. The only instance I can think of where plastic surgery has produced a worthwile result is Michael Jackson. There is enormous appeal transforming a cute but overly talented kid into the incredible melting Diana Ross. Way beyond anything the world of extreme body piercing has to offer.

Debbie Harry still rules.

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