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Andy Mulhern

Vocoustics: Crevercoeur + Jeremy Wheatley + Stanley, Cafe Drummonds, Sun9May...

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Vocoustics Promotions Presents:


Sunday 9th May

Cafe Drummonds

6 from 8pm




Crvecoeur - translated as "broken heart" - are an unusual French trio formed in 2003. Initially formed by two young multi-instrumentalists playing guitars, percussion, harmonium, trumpet and various toy-instruments, Crvecoeur were later joined by a further violin player/multi-instrumentalist. Their songs are mostly instrumental pieces, a tribute to the glorious days of soundtrack music, yet with a pop sensibility.

Live, Crvecoeur use subtlety and a range of tones and images to create a unique and beguiling atmosphere - every show is accompanied by live 8mm film projections. Crvecoeur could be the result of the encounter between Calexico and Pascal Comelade, or Henry Mancini and The Black Heart Procession...

'Cinematic soundscapes... a definite tilt towards dusty roads, spaghetti westerns and Mariachi music.' (Tastyfanzine)

'a trio of multi-intrumentists do-it-yourself genius....difference is an attraction, especially when quality is there' (Cafezik.com)



Taking time out from drumming with The Low Lows, Tin Cup Prophette, Liz Durrett, and Je Suis France, tour support comes in the form of a selection of minimalist, country-tinged, indie-folk songs penned by Jeremy Wheatley from Athens, Georgia.



Bands rarely enjoy comparisons, but if you were to take the intelligence of The Divine Comedy, the creativity of Radiohead circa The Bends and the soaring vocal talents of Scott Walker you wouldn't be far away.

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Don't know anything about Jeremy Wheatley, but Athens Georgia gave birth to REM and the B52s, so he's alright in my book

He was the Drummer in The Low Lows one of my fave bands. Just adding to your sentiment:up:

Gonna be a grand night!

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