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trevor dunn : Sister Phantom Owl Fish


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He's got a new LP out on Ipecac at the end of the month, the previous "trio" work he's dones is amazing...

jazz meets metal , but not in a cheesey way...

I love what he said on Ipecac :

"People ask me what kind of music it is and I never know what to say. There is counterpoint; there are power chords & atonal melodies. Sometimes it swings; sometimes it tries hard not to swing. There are complicated written passages & sections of free improvisation. Its not fusion but it does combine disparate styles & yet I like to think of forms developing organically as opposed to a cut-and-paste technique.

Whether Im listening to Throbbing Gristle or Britney Spears I absorb what comes my way. Its all music to me, and why shouldnt it be? I consider myself rootless because I accept all. I have no ties & nowhere to go. And the music I write is a result of that."


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there was an article linked from" bunglefever.com" :

A recent interview with Trey Spruance can be found at Perfect Pitch Online. In it, he says of Mr. Bungle, "I think the band has a lot of fucking steam left in it. The best days are clearly ahead. Itll be incredible, but I dont know when its going to happen.

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no idea...i have to first one but thats all iv heard

if you guys are into messed music you might want to come to the moorings on saturday to see us (sorry i had to ruin this lovely thread with a shitty plug :rolleyes: )

I think your friend (and singer in my band) Soph is dragging me along anyways *connection* 8o :D

'Delirium Cordia' is actually pretty damed good..totally different from the other albums. Not exactly easy listening though, ive only had it on all the way through once or twice. Grates towards the end.

The artwork is amazing though.

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