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Professional Female Singer. (38) looking to join a band

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Hi... I'm Jen.

38 year old professional musician looking to join or help set up a band. I run a music school in Inverurie so I have free practice space but can also travel to you.

My experience in bands covers Soul, Rock, Pop, Blues, Swing.... but I'm up to try anything.

I teach music full time but I'm eager to get gigging again before I get too old LOL

Gimme a shout if you interested


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I'm a bassist (35) who's looking to get into a band and play some gigs. I'm pretty open minded when it comes to styles.

Unfortunately the few guitarists and drummers I know are all hooked up already but if you get something going and need a bassist give me a shout.

I'll pm you with my details.


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Would you be interested in working on original material and possibly writing lyrics? Our band has about ten mostly instrumental pieces worked out and need lyrics and someone to sing them!

We are two guitarists both in our 30s. At the moment we have pre-recorded backing tracks to do away with the need for a drummer and bass player - usually too hard to find! Ernie if you're interested we might be able to work something out too.

We have a diverse selection of influences too numerous to mention. Some of the stuff we've been coming up with sounds quite atmospheric and soundtrack-y but other stuff is more rock oriented. We've been messing around with a couple of covers just for laughs - Naked Girl by the Cramps and Dakota by the Stereophonics.

Drop me a pm if either of you are interested and I can email you some tracks.


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