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Mesa Boogie Single Rectifier 50 "Series 2"


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im putting this up here on behalf of a friend who is selling it to fund a new bass rig

what mesa say

what harmony central has to say

its only got light useage and has recently been revalved.

i dont supose theres much i have to say about it because everyone knows what an amp this realy is.

he is looking for 1200 o.n.o

p.m. me if youve got any questions and il get you the answers as quickly as i can


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I used to have one of the Single Rectifier "Rect-O-Verb" series II combos a couple of years ago.

Great amp.

The ENGLs I moved onto were better voiced for my own personal preference, but the Mesa was awesome nonetheless.

Price is maybe making that one a bit stickier than the seller would like. It took me lowering the price significantly to have anyone even sniffing at it. Just something to keep in mind. :up:

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