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Nicky Powel, Downfall, Afternath & Mind Gone Blind


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Are you a dog lover/supporter as well as a keen music fan?

If so, come along to The Tunnels for a varied and exciting night of music, knowing that your entry fee/donation will be helping me get nearer to experience the trip of a life time as well as, AND MORE IMPORTANTLY, raise vital funds for dogs who are homeless, absued and neglected by irresponsible owners.

Dogs Trust have teamed up with organizers Voyage Concepts to offer an amazing experience to go to Sweden. Supporters who will be entering this trip will get to experience a week of learning how to control a pack of Alaskan Huskys whilst travelling up to 30 miles each day across the Swedish country; in and out of forests, along the Tabacco Trail and across frozen lakes!

This trip would mean so much to me because dogs play a huge part in my life and to have the opportunity to go to somewhere like Sweden and learn something totally amazing will never be forgotten..

This night will also help dogs who have been abandonned by people who do not care for these pets that can teach us so much. For me, dogs are the role model for waking up each day :)

This cannot be done without the support of you guys so tell all yer friends and come on down, knowing that your one donation can help one dog, or one world alone.

If you cant make it and would still like to help support, contact Wendy @ miss_techno@hotmail.co.uk

Bands: Nicky Powel, Downfall, The Aftermath and Mind Gone Blind.

A varied night from Indie progressing to a good bit Metal. each band are great performers and are sure to entertain!

the tunnels

room 1

sunday 6th september


doors open 8pm

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