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  1. It's that time again folks.... Bar 99 tonight 9pm. Another slamming Rhythms and rhymes night. Live hip hop hosted by MelloJoe. Live beats by Sidewinder Trio. Cuts by kidProquo....the last 2 have been bouncing. Get there early MCs wanting a slot see MelloJoe on the night. Please share the event the event is open to everyone Live broadcast from the Wab Lab... www.thewablab.listen2myshow.com
  2. FRIDAY 18TH DECEMBER 9PM Live multi cam video stream event. Off the cuff electronic music jam on a varied collection of different synths and step sequencers with... FatHand / Wire Mother / Tudor Flaps / Tomthenoisemonger / Spktr / Chris Haywood / Autumn Hang / Chemical Callum Art visuals from Repetition Compulsion Live stream link... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FO7RWYvw1k4 Event Page... https://www.facebook.com/events/614602168680655/
  3. Infrasonic Reggae / Dancehall / Dubstep / Jungle Fyglash (Infrasonic) kidProquo (Wab Lab) Dj Tez (Jungle Nation) Saturday 12th Dec 2015 The Vault 33 Belmont st Aberdeen 11pm - 3am Entry £5 Event page... https://www.facebook.com/events/1633870903546655/
  4. THIS SATURDAY... Brand new tracks from the Tryptamines performed live at the Sunnyside Cafe... There shall be a visual representation of the new EP 'Metropolis' along with movie clips from the film Metropolis and other bits 'n' arty bobs. It's about the machine yaking over man. Workers breaking free from the machine and not being a slave to the corrupt, money fuelled greed and anger. In the current atmosphere of the world this is an evening to emphasise in an ironic way to remind everyone while they watch us all on our little tiny robots which are taking over. To not be enslaved or misinformed by the ultimate machine, the ultimate games master... The internet! It's out to f**k us all. Live visual art projection Multi-camera setup Saturday 12th of December at 7pm Viewing link... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DtEVQC7q09w Event Page... https://www.facebook.com/events/550751668411567/
  5. Ha ha. More visuals like this from Delta Cephei... Later. https://www.facebook.com/delta.cephei.1/videos/1515191702140413/?pnref=story
  6. We're back on YouTube for a live streaming event in the darkest of manners. In the studio we have Darren Pigsy, Teabags and Nadine Lee selecting a crazy amount of Grindcore and Metal from classics to current touring bands. Delta Cephei will be incorporating twisted and disturbing visuals that'll probably see us getting shut down in no time at all. Multiple cameras, tons of shit talking and music that could make the toughest of men crap in their breeks! As always, this is a total experiment. Completely new to the Lab. We'll do our best as always to give you sordid underground entertainment. kPq Stream link... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kELV2OUUSn0
  7. 'The Wab Lab' is doing The Vault Experiment with a new live broadcast test on November the 20th. Hosted by MelloJoe with a grand gathering of guest MCs to be announced. Six table setup with beats and cuts from Giles Amstrad Walker, kidProquo and Cruicky Fitthefunk. Delta Cephei on the visuals. HipHop, Grime and Bassline vibes... It's looking like we got MelloJoe (Joe Coleman) hosting alongside Jack Hughes, Jazza Jamie Stewart Kemp , Nico Ross, Bang On, Steven Lawrie, Kieran McKenna and Emilio BadEyes Marrone for now. I'm sure a few more heads will be jumping up through the night. Plan is to have six turntables setup between Giles, kidProquo and Cruicky. Playing Hiphop, Grime and Bassline tracks with instrumental jams in between for Q&A cuts and MCs jamming in true 'Wab Lab Experiment' style. All live and off the cuff just how we like it. Broadcast to the world as always! Event Page... http://https://www.facebook.com/events/1029007207120070/
  8. So far we have Remus Stana and Stuart Cooper coming down to play a bit of sax and violin....so far the only MC's i know that are coming are Jack Hughes Emilio BadEyes Marrone Jamie Stewart Kemp Kieran McKenna Mike Souden Bang On, do Johannes Jaka Steve Downie Juan Carlos Estrella Nova or any one else i've not tagged want a slot? Please PM Joe Coleman (the host) on Facebook to avoid disappointment.
  9. Little edit from our last Rhythms and Rhymes. Captures the vibe just right I reckon? https://www.facebook.com/99aberdeen/videos/10153655329331694/
  10. It's going to be some setup by the way. Technics 1200s, Vestax PMC-08 scratch mixer, Kaoss pad, 4 mics, Serato, bags of records, MPC and radio broadcasting equipment! Free entry by the way. We missed that on the rushed artwork.
  11. Surprise guest MCs are in place. Very happy with the collaboration! This is not to be missed!
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