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Does anyone know any magazine/publications that quite actively accept article submissions/unsolicited material, you know...

I need to submit more stuff for a writing course I'm doing and I'm running out of ideas. I've done a few musicy things but am just looking for general interest magazines, or maybe computer/technology/tv/film/humour ones that are looking for pieces that aren't just reviews. I'm not interested in womans interest and cat magazines... yet.

Thanks in advance.

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Have you tried a (oh God) Men's Magazine? I'm sure the likes of Front, FHM etc take submissions all the time, and you'll have the advantage of submitting something with words in it, and not the misogynistic knuckle-typed rants of most of their writers. Apparently there's decent money in writing for that area of the magazine industry, and it's probably good exposure but you might lose your self-respect. Worth pondering.

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