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New Manoeuvres - Garage/Punk/Indie


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Were a new band, just recorded some demos and would appreciate some feedback.

new manoeuvres (NEED A DRUMMER) on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads

We recorded the demos ourselves with an 8 track so we know the sound quality isn't amazing and also that the vocals sound alot like art brut haha.

Were looking for a drummer and bassist so if anyones interested then pm us.


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Guest idol_wild

I echo what was said about the three tunes sounding very similar.

You sound a little like The Marionettes but a bit more "Garage" (by that I merely mean a bit more scuzzy and lo-fi).

I quite like it, but I'm still awaiting a good chorus. :up:

Man, I'm so Punk Rock.

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The first song's intro is twice as long as it needs to be.

Try switching the keys your songs are in, different tempos, adding a bit more dynamics etc as with this spoken word vocals all the melody is being conveyed through guitar and bass and in all the songs the guitar and bass parts are relentlessly similar.

I think once you find a drummer these issues may start to sort themselves out naturally.

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yeah im hoping once we get a drummer the rhythms and tempos will all start to come together because at the moment its just me programming a drum machine the whole time and im not a drummer haha

Thanks for all the feedback though guys we will definitely take it on board! Were working on more demos at the moment.

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