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Fender Jazzmaster & Ibanez Artist for sale.


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Ok I have for sale a Fender Jazzmaster (Japanese) think its a 1998 or at the very latest a 2002, I dont really know much about it to be honest, it plays great and has been set up by Darren (music shop inverness)

comes with a soft case: 480ono

(will post Hi-Res pics if needed, and Ill post the serial number when I get home from work, think its Q00174 or something like that):)



Ibanez Artist

ok Ive had this guitar for years, it's beautiful, and I dont really wanna sell it. It comes with a massive flight case which is quite heavy.... the guitar itself needs a bit of wiring work but not much, still plays beautifully


looking for 250

Ill be in aberdeen on the 15th of April as my band theatre fall are playing Drummonds..

Hi res pictures later if anyones interested.

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Guest treader.

Well yeah. I'm left handed but I drum right handed for the exact same reason.

I cant switch hands for guitar though...I'd be fucking TERRIBLE. (not that i'm any use playing left handed)

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