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starting something...


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I'm interested in trying something a little 'new' or 'different'... tho, the styles have been used together, hence the quotation marks :p

I'm interested in trying to start an electro / punk / ska collaberative band.

Kind of MSTRKFRT / Justice electro synths and sampling style, mixed with basslines heavy, but still 'funky' like Death From Above 1979, along with ska/punk bands like NoFX, Contra, Rancid and the likes.

Anyway, with this idea, I'm a bassist, so would ideally be looking for: Keyboardist [with synth / sampling], Guitarist, Singer, and drummer. Tho a singer that plays guitar would be ideal ^^

Its a bit different, I know, but I like the idea and hope others would be interested.

And for anyone intrerested, here are a few youtube links to have a listen to see what kinda influences I'm talking about...


YouTube - MSTRKRFT - Fist of god (full track) -


YouTube - NoFX - "Stickin' in My Eye" -

or something :p

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never heard "the Idiots are taking over" before, but I love it, that statement applies in my view, to the rest of the world and the way us Hughmando's are so hung up on war, add in some Henry Rollins style rage and the purity of Rage Against the Machine, and the pot could well be cook'in... not so sure about the sounds of Justice, but who knows...

I play drums, have all my own gear, and am part of a new band playing really Phat Phunk, we are only meeting up once a month to play at the moment, so could be interested in meeting up for a jam, to see if we mix well with the playing...

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hey i like the sound of this

im a guitarist and was thinking about starting a band influenced by devo,

i dont know if you know devo bt they are quite odd and i like alot of punk and melodic hardcore as well

son yeh im a guitarist and i would love to create more odd noises with my guitar but still have the powerful feeling of punk.

let me know what you think


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