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bass player needed

the tinks

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arite need a bass player needed 18-21 must be gd music rock ,indie . influences acdc the who , must be able to travel if not dont worry were going into te recording studio very soon cheers

I've tried to translate, but the original text is in a language with which I am not very familiar, so excuse the rather mechanical sounding narrative which follows:

Greetings! We require a bass player aged between 18 and 21. The candidate must be proficient in playing rock and indie (I may have used some artistic license for this sentence). Our influences include AC/DC and The Who (I'll give them the benefit of the doubt that those two are not their ONLY influences, although I believe the original text can be read that way). The candidate must be able to travel, but if not don't worry - we will be going into the recording studio very soon (quite how this mitigates the candidate's travel problems is beyond me - probably my lack of proficiency in the original language showing through there, my apologies).

Cheers (Ha! Lingua franca at last!)

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