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Guest Hobo

Travelling; it begins...

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Guest Hobo

Wirelessly posted (SonyEricssonK800i/R8BF Browser/NetFront/3.3 Profile/MIDP-2.0 Configuration/CLDC-1.1)

It's 705am on a dark but mild Saturday morning and i'm sitting on the megabus from Aberdeen to Edinburgh.

Having failed to sleep my backup plan of reading Tom Weir's Scotland has failed. I just cannot read whilst travelling without the green eyed chunder monkey rearing its ugly head at least once.

The music playing in my atmosphere at the current time is Universal traveller by Air, quite a coinsidense. Over the next two weeks I will be driving around Scotland taking photos and updating this thread.

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Guest Hobo

Wirelessly posted (SonyEricssonK800i/R8BF Browser/NetFront/3.3 Profile/MIDP-2.0 Configuration/CLDC-1.1)

Having changed at Dundee to the view of a beautiful sunrise the first thing I notice is that the bus is an old banger in comparison to the one from Aberdeen yet far more comfortable. There is no toilet on this one though.

I'm sitting behind the wrinkly driver and as sure as I am that we're moving the speedometer still reads zero.

Feeder and descend rocking the audio spectrumB-)

On another note the phone only allows short posts, is there an option to append to the end of a post?

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which place are you looking forward to most on your travels? looking forward to seeing some pics.

i use my phone to post here a fair bit but usually only little posts so not sure if you can change that. my main gripe with the phone is that there isn't an option to see the recently updated threads.

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Guest Hobo


Got to Edinburgh and met my friend at the bus station then we walked around and around. The sun was shining and an observation was made.... There were not so many Seagulls, didn't see one and not so many black people, I spoke to one guy and it was only then I realised that compared to Aberdeen there were hardly any foreigners.

Another thing i'm impressed with carphone warehouse. Went in and asked how much a data cable for the phone was 10 minutes later the assistand came back with a free spare one, I love edinburgh. So now im posting on a laptop-o_O

Photos(low res because im posting with the k800i as internet access)



Photos from now on are here, Picasa Web Albums - Mark - Scotland Holi...

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Guest Hobo

A wee update, finished the holiday it was brilliant to get 3 weeks away. So relaxing and made me appreciate the

country and my life so much more.

I left the day the snow started and so didn't get to see much of the west coast.

This is a snow lined avenue on the way to Cairn O Mount, there were signs saying the road was closed.


When I got to the top of Cairn O Mount it looked like this, after yanking on my gunboots, wooly jumper, leather

jacket and kneckie I proceeded through the metre of snow to take a few photos. However when I got there I

realised I had left the camera sitting beside the car. A nice policeman stopped to ask if I was ok and we had a

picnic in the car, I provided the sarnies and he the tea and biscuits, cheers Don:up:




I made Yeller Snaaa :]


On another trip I took a friend and we saw a ...... ...... ...... ...... Mushroom ........ this was just before

the snow started


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Guest Hobo

Here is a rock formation at the Harbour of one of the towns I spent my youth. You get really greasy skin from

swimming in a harbour with oil trails, Burghead, Moray


I took my mate from Canada to see the Carnegie Hall, Carnegie Hall - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Elgin town centre at 12pm after Visiting O'flanigans irish bar with the quine on the way to Downtown and the

other pub across the highstreet which I prefer. The pub across the highstreet had some very well thought out

graffiti which i have photos of and will post up at some point.


Elgin again, bought some own brand whisky from here


This night I wasn't driving so I could drink. My friend agreed to miss out on booze this night so we went to

Tescos, bought two duvets and three of us slept in a ford focus on lossiemouth beach beside beside ramsay

mcdonalds house

Top right of this picture is where we spent the night, I also spent some of my youth here roaming the forests and

frequenting Hythehill


After this we headed back to burghead to have a wash in the public lavies under the harbour masters office :D

Later that day after going to elgin cathedral we headed home.

A few days later we headed to Inverness via Tomintoul.....Bad Idea

This was the road to tomintoul and a frozen stream next to it




A selection of further photos

Pictures by niederrhein - Photobucket

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