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The Ghost Of Fudge

ADAM BOMB + BLOODNUT + UNCALM // Black Tooth Rock Lounge // Mon 2 March

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Monday 2nd March 2009

Fudge and Snafu present, at The Black Tooth Rock Lounge:

ADAM BOMB (NYC) plus BLOODNUT and support


MySpace.com - Adam Bomb - New York, New York - Rock / Glam / Metal - www.myspace.com/adambombonline

I tried to condense his biography, honestly, but it proved impossible. The volume of name dropping alone is incredible, and he's one of these chaps who appears to have lived six lifetimes. But to start you off, Van Halen taught him guitar, he lived with Izzy Stradlin, he was mates with Johnny Thunders, Axl likes his moves, and he's played guitar with everyone from Chuck Berry, Lemmy and Kiss, to Michael Monroe, Geoff Tate, and Noel Redding of Jimi Hendrix fame.

Last time he played the Black Tooth (Hallowe'en last year) there were fireworks. Quite literally. Strapped all over the neck of his guitar. Spraying out over the dancefloor. It was beautiful. Then he set the drumkit alight. You just know what sort of rock show you're going to get when the band walk onstage dressed in black leather with a can of lighter fluid, don't you?

Support from local heroes BLOODNUT - MySpace.com - BloodNut - Aberdeen, UK - Metal - www.myspace.com/bloodnut666 - and that old classic, TBC.

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oh no they won't! oh yes they will! oh no they won't!..

err, no, they won't: Contra got a bit excited there, and they can't do the date afterall.



it's a rare oppertunity to play Snafu - get yer foot in the door....

PM me or post here if you're interested in playing


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We're nae

you are aware that the 'nut are playing two mondays in a row (23/02 johnny cash night and 2/03 adam bomb) - they only noticed this themselves last night. Stoners.

we decided not to play the cash gig coz its a bit of a pain in the ass!!

Sorry people!!! X

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BIG UP TO BLOODNUT AND UNCALM for saving monday nights gig!

The boys done good. Props, etc.

As it turns out, for those who asked, Adam sent us an email (sadly fifteen minutes before doors, but still...):

"My drummer has just quit without warning leaving us screwed. He called his father to pick him up and he just quit the tour. We're kinda devistated and scrambling to sort out a replacement but I'm sad to say I have to cancel the Scottish shows so I won't be making it up to Aberdeen tonight.

I'm really sorry, the drummer Wookie who is Scottish has really let me down and I really sorry to have let you down. In all my years of playing rock n roll, I've never encountered a guy leaving like this abruptly after committing to a tour but he has done it & i'm sorry"

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