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Line 6 Spider III 75HD

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For sale again

75watt digital modeling amplifier head with 2 button footswitch


a bit about the amp

Line 6 Spider III HD 75 Modeling Amp Head Features:

* 4 Amp models: clean, crunch, metal, and insane

* 6 effects: phaser, chorus/flanger, tremolo, sweep echo, tape echo, reverb

* 4 user-programmable channels

* CD/MP3 in jack

* Headphone jack

* Tone controls

* Foot control jack footswitch FBV2

* Recording quality line out

* Tap button lets you set delay time, boost distortion, and activate noise gate

* Smart control FX

As far as I am aware there is no built in tuner




looking for 100

I can't deliver it but you are more than welcome to come try before you buy

cheers Paul

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is that a marshall avt100 turned into a 1x12 cab?


its an AVT275 used as a 2X12

the spider and the speakers are sold

still got the chassis and all the inner gubbings of the avt if some one needs it for spares or repairs

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