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Drummers Please.


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The Important Bit (that's why it's at the start):

We're not really bothered what bands you're into if you are a technically good drummer that can be creative, tasteful and can mix it the hell up. If you have a 4 piece or 13 piece kit does not matter as long as those three criteria are fulfilled.

The Rest:

Basically me (bass) and a guitarist were jamming for ages, then we managed to get a drummer involved, but because of uni/other bands etc. that fell through. It's all good though. We may also be looking for a second guitarist/bassist if the situation arises.

We're trying to do the whole melodic yet technical indie/punk/emo type thing. By doing this we will be heartily, although unintentionally ripping off bands such as algernon cadwallader, meet me in st. louis, kaddish, faraquet, stapleton and kinsella bros. insert 'The Important Bit'

We're pretty chuffed with the tunes we have so far - there are 3 that have both guitar and bass completed although that is obviously subject to change and is in no way final.

Probably be looking to practice around once a week, although we are both at uni, and understand priorities etc. basically, flexible, but not lazy. Own equipment or a desire to purchase would be great, but we've lived without drumstuff before.

I think that's it... post or pm if you're interested please.

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hopefully something will come of this. we've had a couple of replies and will get it sorted soon. We're both in the middle of exams or are about to be so just need to find time to get stuff in order, when we do, we'll get back to peepz.

feel free to message if you're interested.

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