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Damn you 7/4 timings......

Guest Bob Double Jack

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Guest Bob Double Jack

...to quote a close associate of mine "there's a wrangness aboot them".

Len and his 7/4 Rush timings. The man comes from La Villa Strangiato if you ask me. Crazy, but cool.

I am writing a song in (1.75/1)x4 time just to confuse listeners!

Also lads, in the words of Antoine De Caunes on Eurotrash, i felt priviliged to have a wee "sneeky peeky" today. Roll on black Friday this August!


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well, Fight not Won on 'Out of Exile' does for a start... its not really that weird, which is prolly why most people dont notice it in that song anyway, its in the heavy bit after the chorus "dun, dun, dun - dun, dun, dun" six beats n a rest... making 7 beats, 7/4 easy! theres also a couple of sneaky 9/4(is that right prog-master?) bits in that song actually..

just wait until you hear the Watcher on TTTB, heh, your in for some fun moshing there!

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no' date=' i erased it from my brain to avoid complete cranial meltdown! ;)[/quote']

I don't blame you! It was a touch on the extreme side. I actually found my notes for that section of The Watcher in my snare drum case. It had a melody and everything! Maybe, if I'd found it sooner, it might have made a bit more sense....

....oh well, all the more progressive material for the next Atom release...... :ding:

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