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Clutch - Blast Tyrant - Came Out on March 30th ?


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I saw that the other day on prorock ( http://www.pro-rock.com/ )

I couldn't believe it either...

the artwork looks stinky as hell.

Is it out in britain ? as I looked for it the other day.

Poe (in Houston) has spied it, and he's on hold to get one for me if it ain't in blighty yet...

as goes for the new SC3 lp...woohoo !the pitchfork media review :

Clutch: "The Mob Goes Wild"

Your love for Clutch's distinct brand of clever metal will depend on your tolerance for Neil Fallon's alternately inscrutable, satirical and arch lyrics. I, for one, think the guy's a wordsmith in the tradition of Frank Zappa, Mark Mothersbaugh or De La Soul-- sometimes the words tell a story, sometimes they make a point, and sometimes they just exist to twist the tongue. Here, over some heavy boogie riffage, Fallon takes on-- no, really-- terrorism ("The beast you see got fifty eyes"), post-9/11 paranoia ("Play it cool, the hand's been dealt"), and the war in Iraq ("Save the victory speeches for later"). At least, that's the way I see it. Not that this is a "message" song; most of the lyrics are typically abstract and hidden beneath Clutch's trademark pounding groove. But with its scathingly cynical chorus, it's not hard to see the song as their high-concept "War Pigs": "21 guns, box made of pine, letter from the government sealed and signed/ Delivered Federal Express on your mother's doorstep." But Fallon's hardly the kind of guy to simply criticize without offering up any answers of his own. His advice for those who can't bear the current fucked up political climate in the U.S.? "Everybody move to Canada and smoke lots of pot." [Christopher Weber; May 12th, 2004]

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