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Vocoustics: Esperi + The Family Simpson + Ashley Park @ The Music Club

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Vocoustics Presents:

Esperi + The Family Simpson + Ashley Park

The Music Club (52-54 Langstane Place)

Wednesday 29th October

3 from 8pm


Esperi, from Dundee, center around Scottish artist Chris Lee-Marr and present an alt-pop noise branded as "glock and roll" or "Scottish folk-ish music." On his own Esperi is a deep tranquil experience with an alternative folk sound. With the full band the sound has a more jazzy feel.

esperi music

MySpace.com - esperi - carnoustie/dundee, UK - Folk / Electronica / Alternative - www.myspace.com/esperi

The Family Simpson sometimes sound as beautiful as lemonade soaking through a summer dress. at other times they sound like a kettle being thrown around in a fridge. MySpace.com - The Family Simpson - Stonehaven, UK - Acoustic / Alternative / Experimental - www.myspace.com/thefamilysimpson

Ashley Park influences sush as Elliot Smith and Mark Eitzel makes for infectious chord progressions and down-tempo melancholic folk-pop.

MySpace.com - Ashley Park - UK - Acoustic - www.myspace.com/ashleypark5

[NOTE: Originally Oldseed (from Canada) was booked (as advertised in flyers) but he had to cancel due to not organising a VISA properly!]

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