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The Shield

Johnny Mac

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Aye it's awesome. First 3 seasons are the best but I like the whole thing. Sucks that its coming to an end. Altho 4 and 5 werent the best thought Forrest Whitaker, Glen Close and Anthony Anderson were all awesome in it.

One of the writers from the Shield has started a new series called Sons of Anarchy. About a Biker gang. Only 6 eps so far but might appeal to some Shield fans. Quite a few famous people in it too. Ron Perlman, Charlie Hunnam and Tommy Flannagan to name a few.

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Got round to watching last week's ep last night. One of the best eps ever?

This season is really picking up pace now, heading for a real train wreck.

Yeah, they've really raised the bar again with Season 7 . I wasn't impressed with 6 - a real non event ..possibly due to Fantastic 4 commitments ? (or was it the writers strike ?)

I'm back to looking forward to the next episode every week now.

Can't help you out Johnny Mac, I delete them after viewing sorry.

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So it's all over. :(

Amazing episode. Having a small son myself I really found the stuff with Shane hard to watch.

:( Normally I can just say to myself "It's only pretend", but it was just a bit close to the bone, especially with this in the news yesterday.

BBC NEWS | Scotland | Glasgow, Lanarkshire and West | Man admits stabbing sons to death

But a most satisfying end to a remarkably consistent show - even though part of me wishes it could have had a happy ending like The Sopranos. ;)

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