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Laptop advice please

Humey Whilem

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I need to get a new laptop but don't really have more than 300 tops to spend on it...

Any suggestions? All I need it for is the web, some downloading (but files can be stored externally), occassional photoshop and a simple recording program (N-Track for example).

Also, I'll need windows but I'm guessing I should avoid Vista if possible, am I right?

Most things I see have Vista installed. Am I stuck with it?


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Yeah tesco have a 2Gb Acer for 349 with decent sized harddrive as well.

Only just out of your range and might be worth it. Couple of my friends bought them and they've said they are rather good.

On the subject of vista I've had of since Xmas and it's been fine, never had an issue with it.

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