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Bass Boredom! Save me!!


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it's like this...i seem to have loads of freetime on my hands and im getting a bit bored having only acdc songs to learn (lm in an acdc tribute band and iv learnt all the songs) and the tv is shite and im being driven to drink with boredom!

so does anyone need a bass player (aye, aberdeen and surrounding area) i want to (preferably) join an already gigging band but would do/have done Depp work. Or start a new band. original stuff or covers.

i like most music, heavy rock,punk,classic rock ,ska.post punk, 90's indie but i dont like country,blues,wedding bands,screamo,pink floyd or bands with no drummer.

i've been playing for 20 years, got pro gear,transport,attitude,humour.

if you know anyone looking let me know or let them know please.

please save me from myself :-)


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