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Monkey Boy, Midasuno, Karloff & The No Pints, Sun 20th June

Dizzy Storm

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woohoo! Monkey Boy & Midasuno at the same time!!!!

MONKEY BOY - a minimalist trio from London, have generated a massive buzz on the underground scene since they were formed in '95 by the Warren brothers, Paul (Drums & Vocals), and Mark (Bass).

Their music has been described as an eclectic mixture of heavy bass-driven punk, blues, and something else entirely. Following months of bombarding the Lockjaw offices with calls to see them live, the Label signed Monkey Boy during February 1998 and immediately sent the band out touring the UK and Europe where they began to build a formidable following.

The Band Is on a UK Tour to support the release of 'The Creature Of Doctor Rumpledink' www.monkeyboy.co.uk

MIDASUNO - Combining a dark lyrical bent with a blend of British rock , US alternative and underground with a spattering of punk MIDASUNO avoid comparison by forging an amalgam of the above-mentioned into a their own brand of noise. and anyone who saw them the last time at drakes know of that noise!!! maxi?!.... www.midasuno.co.uk

with local support from KARLOFF & THE NO PINTS - its gonna be messy!!!

doors 8pm


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Is there a stage time for Karloff yet' date=' my younger brother is anxious about missing them due to the licensing thingy?[/quote']

He should be safe enough. I'd hazard that the order will be The No Pints, Karloff, Midasuno and Monkey Boy. I'd reckon that would put ourselves on about 9:30pm...?

Shaz? :)

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