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Friends, Nomads, Wastelanders...


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Lend me your beers [but don't expect them back...]

The purpose of my fresh new thread is an enquiry into who shall be attending the Fudgenight at Moshulu on Thursday the 3rd of June. [this Thursday fact fans]

Very good lineup indeed in mine eye. Industrial morehumanthanhuman electro-punk outfit Strobing Goat, the punk onion terrorising of *ahem* Onion Terror [hide those marker pens], the adrenaline rush of Ken Hutchin and kind replacements [togas or no togas] for the broken up and blacklisted Silver Pill, The Hexagonal Pensioners! If you're helping out at the Moorings there can't be anything wrong with you. Like the Nintendo seal of approval but without any Mario activity. And added booze. I mean who would you trust?? A moustachioed Italian plumber or Flash? Eeeeh? EEEEEHHH?

So come one come all! Eclectic DJing in-between bands guaranteed and this time [for sure this time] there'll be flyers being handed out on Belmont St. [most likely destination] on Thursday afternoon for anyone who wants to attend and does not yet have a colourful piece of Fudgenight card. 1 off entry price with the flyer don'tcha know!

Reply to this thread and let a befuddled shades-wearing person know whether you'll be coming along! :D

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