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Guest Bob Double Jack

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Guest Bob Double Jack

Contains an excellent article on Fat Hippy "Supremo" Captain Tom today (Tuesday). I would recommend purchasing this today to support the Captain!


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you mean the article was accurate ?

it didn't turn out to be

capeman tim and his record shop

cape man tim has a record shop , where you and your band can go to practice medicine. there are several operating rooms, where pea pods can make me sick....

etc...(they always astound me, how wrong they can get it).

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It's not too bad, but highly ironic that the P&J are writing about how the local music scene being ignored... The article has that really annoying P&J patronising tone - "You'll never guess, but some of our NE youngsters play in bands, with instruments and everything..."

You'll not be suprised to hear that The Score feature quite heavily, with Aly Gray getting a couple of columns to himself.

Good for Tom though.

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