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going to any gigs in the next couple of days?

The Ghost Of Fudge

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i thank you all for your eager replies. actually, cheers, really, you're totally helping me out. i don't wanna write the whole fucking thing myself :)

we're due at the printers around 24th of the month. if you want your review to go in, get it to me as soon as. practically speaking, nothing recieved after sunday 20th is likely to fit in. i'll have space filled any gaps with random shite by then :)

woo hoo! new zine is on it's way! with only a 6 month wait! it's crazy!


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Also depending on who I can haul out I'll hopefully be in attendance at:

Kef on Saturday followed by Drakes for Black Atom followed by James Lavelle [meh - bit of a squeeze]

Drakes on Sunday (Salako etc.)

Drakes next Wednesday (Real Shocks etc.)

Moshulu for Cherrykicks/Radio Lucifer etc.

Drakes for Stand Up Guy/Filthpact

Drakes for TRONN/Strobing Goat etc.

Moorings for Vomitus

So I could try and stay sober enough to jot down notes for reviewage! :up:

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