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Scott G Buchan - Liquid Kids (for fans of Irvine Welsh)


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One of my mates has just had his first book published which I think a lot of you might enjoy. It's a story about childhood friends growing up in Fraserburgh and it follows them into adulthood, via heroin, violence, alcoholism etc. As it says in the blurb it has echoes of Irvine Welsh, it's easily as good as him IMO, if not better. It might sound like I'm street-teaming but it really is a truly excellent read. I couldn't put it down, I can't recommend it highly enough. You can buy the paperback here - Liquid Kids by Scott G Buchan (Book) in Literature & Fiction - or download a copy for a paltry 1.95. Go on, what have you got to lose..... except cash and time. I promise you'll like it.


Prior to this week, young Derek was content with his modest quest to procure libations and seduce wenches. He didnt notice his world crumble beneath him until he was spiralling downwards with two hastily packed suitcases for a parachute. Then a friend douses himself in petrol and asks Derek to convince him as to why he shouldnt click his lighter. Whats he supposed to say?

Liquid Kids is a warm and comical study of life in the small Scottish town of Fraserburgh. Comparisons with Irvine Welsh are inevitable, as heroin, alcoholism and violence all feature in this novel, and the dialogue is written in the dialect of the town, but Welsh doesnt have half the intelligence, insight and maturity as Buchan. This is a highly accomplished novel. The author has an exceptional talent for creating realistic characters. Liquid Kids is an outstanding novel, which I thoroughly enjoyed reading. Fiction-Net

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I'm wanting to buy this to add as a stocking filler for my Dad's xmas, since he's from the Broch...

Is there anywhere that I can buy it in town or is it available only online? Also if the prices are fairly similar, can you recommend anywhere that'll get your mate more of a cut of the profits?

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Guest Exposure @ Lemon Tree
Just ordered it too...

Feels strange being organised for xmas presents this early!

Fuck that - I bought it for myself...!

Although - I've got a "date" with my fiancee tonight - online Xmas shopping. Rock 'n' fucking roll.... :up:

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Guest Exposure @ Lemon Tree

This one arrived in the post yesterday. Still got about a third of my current book to read before getting started, but I'm really looking forward to it... :up:

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