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THIS MONDAY! Fudge are proud to present, at the Black Tooth Rock Lounge, Snafu:

The Ghost Of Fudge

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good work, eagle eye.

you're doing sound at the black tooth for a while, are you not? ha ha :p

you'll love it

Shush! Keep it quiet or they'll all want to come.

TRANSLATION: Yes, financial embarrassment has forced me to accept Snafu's gracious offer to "pimp the ride" of the Blacktooth Lounge.

Get it while it's tepid

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MySpace.com - sidca(booking tour now) - aberdeen, UK - Rock / Rock / Death Metal - www.myspace.com/sidca

"sidca are a band from Aberdeen. thats the grey city in scotland. sidca has been around a few years. the band are quite loud. we make music that sounds really neat to us, but it makes some people happy, some disgusted, some confused and others very angry. sidca probably think you are a dick."


MySpace.com - Greater The Shadow - UK - Rock / Ambient / Other - www.myspace.com/greatertheshadowmakemusic

Influenced by "mogwai, isis, my bloody valentine, 65 days of static, pelican, angelo badalamenti, slint, boards of canada, sonic youth... other bands... life in general"


MySpace.com - Red Mongoose - Aberdeen, UK - Blues / Rock / Classic Rock - www.myspace.com/redmongooseband

"Our sound/direction can be linked back to (in no particular order) Led Zeppelin, The Who, Cream, The Black Crowes, The Foo Fighters, the Rolling Stones, The Clash, Thin Lizzy, Deep Purple and many other great bands and artists whether they be rock, punk, blues or other. Though obviously we're not as good as them but we try!"

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Tonights headliners, Edinburger-based The Elvis Suicide, have had to pull out ot the show i'm afraid. Big Chris the singer has a virus. It's the worst he's felt in his adult life. They'll hopefully be rescheduling a show for later in the year...

So... tonight at the BLACK TOOTH, Snafu, from 9pm:

MySpace.com - Stone Fidella - Aberdeen/Inverurie, UK - Rock / Alternative / Blues - www.myspace.com/stonefidella

MySpace.com - Estrella - Aberdeen - Classic Rock - www.myspace.com/estrellarock

free entry with free passes (available in the moorings bar pre-club)

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This coming Monday at the Black Tooth...

Battle To Exile (rock/alternative/hardcore)

The Day I Vanished (melodic post-hardcore)

+ local support from Get In, Get Out, making their Fudge debut...

MySpace.com - get in, get out - UK - Indie / Pop / Rock - www.myspace.com/getingetoutmusic

Doors open at 9pm (early show)

Free passes from The Moorings and Retro Rebels.

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tonight at the BLACK TOOTH:

11.30pm = JACKIE TREEHORN = bluesy stoner rock meets intelligent riffing

10.30pm = SECTA ROUGE = everyone says they're ace

9.30pm = INAME = local band make Fudge debut

Free passes available, as per.

MySpace.com - Jackie Treehorn - Livingston, UK - Progressive / Alternative / Metal - www.myspace.com/jackietreehornmusic

MySpace.com - SECTA ROUGE [NEW TRACK!] - Edinburgh, Scotland - Experimental / Other / Hardcore - www.myspace.com/sectarouge

MySpace.com - iname - Aberdeen, UK - Alternative - www.myspace.com/inamemusic

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Monday 25 August 2008 @ Snafu, 1 Union Street

MySpace.com - Black Tooth Rock Lounge - 88 - Female - Snafu, UK - www.myspace.com/blacktoothrock

TABASCO FIASCO - MySpace.com - Tabasco Fiasco - Livingston, UK - Rock / Experimental / Indie - www.myspace.com/tabfiasco

Tabasco Fiasco are fabulous. Don't believe me? Click the link.

Tabasco Fiasco are an experimental rock band from Livingston & Edinburgh in Scotland dabbling in areas such as Instrumental Rock, Math Rock, Progressive Rock, Stoner Rock, Post Rock and Pop Rock. The Fiasco ethos is to ignore commercialism in music and terms like 'radio friendly' and concentrate on writing music that is original, interesting and most importantly.... rockin!

Tabasco Fiasco began as 3 piece outfit in 2006 consisting of two guitars and drums and using this line up put together an EP called 'Hot Sauce!' which was recorded live in the studio. It featured one of the bands early flagship songs 'The Last Angst' which caught the attention of Brendan O'Hare (Macrocosmica) who suggested the band release their next EP on his new all-digital label 'Thrapple'. The said song also managed to find it's way to Vic Galloway's BBC Radio 1 show 'BBC Introducing...' which gave the band an instrumental debut on UK wide radio. (The vocals don't start until around 4 mins into the track.)

Since then the band have added bass to their sound spectrum and have been working hard on new material for a forthcoming release on 'Thrapple'. As with the first EP, the new EP was again recorded live in the studio which has resulted in a very honest recording. In this technical age of digital editing and studio trickery Tabasco Fiasco have decided to get right back to basics - no bullshit - an idea which is mirrored in the bands attitude to self promotion.

Tabasco Fiasco are not aspiring to get a record deal, they don't ruthlessly self promote, they're not interested in commercial attitudes to music; they simply write the music that they would want to hear and try to have as much fun as possible whilst doing it.

SOUNDS OF SWAMI - MySpace.com - Sounds of Swami - Keighley - Progressive / Punk / Rock - www.myspace.com/soundsofswami

To categorise Sounds of Swami isn't an easy task. Whilst our roots essentially lie in punk rock, we as a band, feel the need to always keep the sound moving, different and to the best of our capabilities. We love punk. We love rock. We love hardcore. We love metal. We love grooves. We love art. We love effects. We love simplicity. We love complexity. We honestly embrace every corner of the musical spectrum and enjoy playing different styles of music. In the end, is this not what playing music is all about? Having fun?

So far in our short existence, we have raised many eyebrows in both approval and censure. This is what makes us tick and keeps us feeling like our music is alive. We believe that punk rock should always be an alternative and a provoking concept; inside and out of its circle. Weve been playing the width and breadth of the UK solidly for the past year and half and were showing no signs of stopping. We hope youll come and see us with an open mind and support another band whos plying their trade independently in a world where music has become not much more than a business strategy to most. Were working hard and loving every second of it.

ARAKAN YOMA - MySpace.com - arakan yoma - LARNE, UK - Experimental / Ambient - www.myspace.com/arakanyoma

arakan yoma is a mountain range in burma. arakan yoma have been making experimental, instrumental rock since spring 2004. undoubtably our biggest influence, for good or bad, is the town and surrounding countryside in which we grew up. we are now all in aberdeen writing new songs and trying to remember the older ones. a kitchen on spittal walk is our new headquarters.

MySpace.com - Fudge = Promoters - Aberdeen, UK - Rock / Metal / Indie - www.myspace.com/fudgefanzine

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MySpace.com - Black Tooth Rock Lounge - 88 - Female - Snafu, UK - www.myspace.com/blacktoothrock

first act 9.30pm, Fudge's Kraken Tagteam DJ Duo til 2am, free entry with free passes available on the night from the moorings bar, the bands, and our brave PR staff ('The Black Teeth') roaming the streets.



MySpace.com - The Dials - Edinburgh, UK - Rock / Alternative / Pop - www.myspace.com/thedialsband

"With their fiery brand of rock n roll, Edinburgh 3-piece The Dials are fast becoming one of Scotland's most exciting new bands. Joe, Jonny and Murray have shocked the Scottish music scene with their powerpop gems and energetic performances earning them kudos from some of Britains biggest bands and top promotors. With frequent radio play and an evergrowing fanbase, The Dials are on their way to becoming the next Scotish success story." - Good Ol' Jim Gellatly, XFM Scotland

The Dials have supported many successful acts including The Fratellis, The View, The Futureheads, The Subways, The Sunshine Underground and Boy Kill Boy. They've played many of the prestigious venues across the UK, ranging from the intimate London Buffallo Bar, to the massive, Glasgow Carling Academy. To add to the achievements, they've recorded with respected producer Marcus Mackay (Snow Patrol, The Cinematics), they've headlined the legendary King Tuts, and they sold out their hometown Cabaret Voltaire.

MySpace.com - Heat thieves - abedeen, UK - Rock / Funk / Experimental - www.myspace.com/omgtheheatthieves

From Aberdeen! Dealing in disco indie rock! That's about all we can tell you. If you know them, why not hastle them for a free ticket? They have plenty.

MySpace.com - Cook House Heroes - Aberdeen, UK - Indie / Rock / Alternative - www.myspace.com/cookhouseheroes

Aberdonian indie rock types Cook House Heroes will be opening the show at about 9.30pm. They also have lots of free tickets to give you. Why not pester them with messages if you know them? Nice one.

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MySpace.com - Black Tooth Rock Lounge - 88 - Female - Snafu, UK - www.myspace.com/blacktoothrock

live bands and Fudge's Kraken DJ Duo, 9pm - 2am

free entry passes available from the bands, the moorings bar, and retro rebels



MySpace.com - Riot Riot (NEW SONG UP!) - Brighton Town!, UK - Indie / Punk / Garage - www.myspace.com/riotriotband


"Yo! We're Riot Riot, an indie punk 4 piece from the South Coast!

We wanna be your soundtrack to the best night out in your life!"

Frenetic, punky, infectious tunes perfect for pogoing and sing-a-long

choruses that make you want to break stuff. New single out 6th

September. If these guys don't getcha grooving down, we give up.*

"If its balls-out garage punk you fancy, Riot Riot are the band to get

your face smashed in to. Ace" - Fly Magazine

MySpace.com - get in, get out - Aberdeen, ken min!!!, UK - Indie / Pop / Rock - www.myspace.com/getingetoutmusic


Melodic pop noise from local rock outfit. Driving drums and

chiming guitars... Went down a storm on their first visit to

The Black Tooth Rock Lounge...

MySpace.com - Zero the Fool - Aberdeen, UK - Alternative / Powerpop / Rock - www.myspace.com/zerothefoolband


ZTF deal in grungey, poppy rock. They played a great debut at the

club a couple of month ago, and we're delighted to have them

opening the show for us...

* in reality, i'm afraid we won't.

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9pm-2am, free entry with passes (available from the bands, the moorings, and retro rebels)



MySpace.com - Alamos - Rock / Punk - www.myspace.com/alamos

A Dundonian rock band, I'm sure you've probably heard of them... Kerrang and NME both love them. First album released on the wonderful Pet Piranha label a couple of years ago, and a new album out now. Rarely seem to play Aberdeen, so we're delighted to welcome them back.

SAKURA TSUI - burlesque performance


From Edinburgh, loves burlesque, fire and a combination of the two. What else? "I like leopard print, Junko Mizuno, tight lacer corsets, tattoos and cant live without those dirty basslines. I do music in many different ways and I like to dance in only my underwear, with hot girls who make me laugh."


MySpace.com - The Wildcards - Aberdeen, UK - Rock / Punk / Indie - www.myspace.com/thewildcardsband

Local support comes from popular rockers The Wildcards: "By fusing hard edgy rock and filthy funk together, we have developed a unique exciting sound that's raw, funky, dark and dirty!" they almost claim. They have free passes to dish out to everyone, so drop them a line and demand one!

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Monday 13th October @ The Black Tooth

Snafu, 1 Union Street, Aberdeen

Doors open 9pm, first band onstage at 9.30pm...


LIFE AMONG PEOPLE mix weighty musical intelligence with social awareness. Armed with a broad palette they defy pigeonholing while wielding an undeniable power high on energy and packed with promise.

The band have already received fantastic reviews from their previous EPs in the rock mags and online, with most reviewers practically begging for an album which will see release in early 2009.

KERRANG! - KKKK (4/5) -..placed somewhere between Biffy Clyro and Deftones, these impressively ambitious, articulate underdogs certainly deserve to enjoy wider recognition

METAL HAMMER - one of the brightest new hopes in the UK

Expect mind blowing, punchy, atmospheric punk rock crossed post-hardcore - reminiscent of early Thrice or Biffy Clyro" (Big Cheese Magazine 4/5 LIVE section) and thats what youll get.

PINPIM are a tripod of tight dirty grooves and melodic power, and never fail to deliver an immense mix of melody, sleazy hooks and tight heavy grooves in every show. PINPIMs refreshing and distinctive style and sound sets them apart from the current spray-on jeans, image obsessed scene and has earned them a loyal fanbase and some high profile support slots throughout the UK.

BBC RAW TALENT - 'one of the tightest 3 piece bands in the UK, a very hard act to follow'

FATCAT MUSIC - 'Effortlessly tight, every track is a stormer'

Celebrating the rise of independent label GRUBBYNUN RECORDS, the bands take to the UK paving the way for their future releases in 2009. And with the all dates sponsored by Jgermiester, this tour will certainly be one you wont forget in a hurry..

Also on the bill are the mighty BLOODNUT - no introduction needed...

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