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Aereogramme to release vinyl box-set.


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From Chemikal Underground site

We are excited to announce that a proposed vinyl only box set of Aereogramme's chemikal EPs and albums is now in the early stages of development. After discussions with the band, a six vinyl (count 'em) box set featuring the following releases, new liner notes and possible selective remastering has been slated for release in the late autumn:

Glam Cripple EP (Fukd ID #1) (sold out long, long ago)

White Paw EP

A Story In White

Sleep And Release (previously unavailable in vinyl)

Livers And Lungs (previously unavailable in vinyl)

My Heart Has A Wish That You Would Not Go (previously unavailable in vinyl)

Awesome. :love:

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Fair, but, like, I dunno, maybe if they get loads of money from this they'll do another tour/album/un-break up? :'(

It's all just wishful thinking! :(

I got the impression last time i spoke to Craig that they may have just wanted a rest. I don't think "My Heart..." did as well as folks had hoped either.

They'll probably re-surface if they can't find anything better to do.

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I really wish that Chemikal would concentrate on finding good new bands instead of just re-releasing some of their former glories (Mogwai Young Team, this means you). The new Aidan Moffat album is the best thing they've released for years but it's not like that was a big find out of nowhere.

Still, I do love Aereogramme and I do love vinyl... *sigh*

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Aereogramme Box-Set Update

Our intention to release Aereogramme's Chemikal back catalogue in the form of a multi-dunter, vinyl boxset continues as planned with the proposed six vinyl format being inflated to eight. Yes that's right, an EIGHT VINYL Box Set. When we asked for a sample of a suitable box to be sent to the office for our inspection it came as no surprise that the only one they could find that fitted the bill was 'Dave Gilmour Live In Gdansk'...

We maintain that the target release date for what is easily the most ambitious project we've ever undertaken is late November with pre-ordering facilities going live by the end of October. Keep watching the skies people..

I am intrigued...

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