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Who likes/who doesn't like....The Vines

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Originally posted by Keilan 303:

In your listening list, is "robert johnson" the 20's blues man, as in "shit no robert johnson's ass" from Crossroads??? LEGEND!!!!!

it is Robert Johnson the blues legend. i havent seen Crossroads though. but i hear it's based on him. selling his soul to the devil and all that malarky. i also hear Britney Spears is great it in. :p

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Originally posted by Camie:

its quite good although sometimes it skips/timings get out of place(dont know if thats just my pc or the actual playing) its pretty decent though!

grrr no one else is complaining....gotta be your PC boy!! :D heh, although there is one part where it all goes out of time,...due to ineptness on my part :D

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