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Yeah I don't really see much problem with tables - they are very useful for forms etc. They should be hating more on frames!

yeah defo very useful for forms.

People should be openminded when it comes to design, I had an argument with a guy the other night who insisted that everyone should design pages with dynamic width because "dual 22" displays are standard now".

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I'd just bought myself a book on CSS .... so I can do it "properly"...

I think the table hating comes from their inflexibility...if you are making a pixel based design it's inflexible - with % or EM layouts, everything is fluid...

The biggest boon to not using tables, is that the content can be easily converted to various platforms & delivery methods (you can even convert the CSS driven content into print, with some XML)...

I was happy thinking that I could go on making sites in "old skool" tables n traditional HTML....but after reading several books on CSS (dan Cederholm's "bulletproof web design" is a good start) I can see the reasons why CSS XHTML is the way forward.

I still can't make a site in CSS as "nice looking" as a traditional HTML site...but, I figure it's just a case of sticking with learning the methods ...


the rap is ace. he he.

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