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Attention All Local bands/artists! Free promotion!


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To everyone in a local band, or every singer/songwriter please feel free to send your demo’s / ep’s to Aberdeen Student Radio.

There is a wide range of shows specialising in anything from folk (Scotch broth), to hip-hop(the urban show, world wide), to metal(ASROCKS, make mine a double), to Scottish Indie (make mine a double, death from exposure) as well as lots of generalist shows, one of the DJ’s at the station is sure to like what your doing and play your songs. This would be really great for the station to help build up is play lists and a good chance for local bands to get exposure with a large student audience.

Sends your demo’s to…

Aberdeen Student Radio

The Hub

Eliphinstone Road


AB24 3TU

If you know which show is best suited for you put it in the first line of the address.

Thanks on behalf of Aberdeen Student Radio

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to be totally honest the student audience isn't really as 'large' as I implied. These days with sites like myspace and youtube its very hard to convince anyone to listen to the radio, but hopefully numbers will increase, and if the station gets lots of music by local bands then hopefully it can generate some more interest.

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'Finding Harold', the show I do from 4-6 on a Friday afternoon also plays a lot of folk/indie/pop stuff.

We've played Kartta, No Pasaran and Toy in the past and would like to feature more local stuff in a similar vein :up:

Oooh, that sounds interesting. Any more details? Is it just you playing tunes?

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There are three of us, I play mostly folk/indie/pop stuff, Bryn plays whatever is in his car but he's into electronic music from past and present as well as the odd soundgarden and pavement track. Jen contributes the odd gem (some jolie holland, coco rosie) but is mostly there as our producer.

Past playlists have included...Lift to Experience, Jurassic 5, Kraftwerk, Feist, Bat for Lashes, Sleater-Kinney, Kylie Minogue and Jamie Lidell, so a wide mix within reason. Recently I've been playing Animal collective, the tallest man on earth, dodos and ghost bees.

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I'v read out listings for a couple of the imp gigs on the show when i've played bands that are playing like caribou and would be happy to do more.

The music co-ordinators at the station are the best folk to get in touch with as it's our job to distribute stuff to the most suitable DJs etc...deal with promos etc..

We don't have a specific e-mail address yet but if you get in touch I can let you know our seperate addresses (there are 4 of us)

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