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The Black Tooth


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If Cream were a supergroup and the US/USSR superpowers, then the Black Tooth Rock Lounge is a superclubnight. Combining the rum-fuelled piracy of the Moorings, the sheer decadent filth of Fudge Promotions, Jagermeister's undying commitment to making you act like a drunken twat and the liberal happy-go-lucky attitude of Snafu, the Black Tooth promises live bands, the unpredictable antics of the Fudge DJ's and cabaret acts such as burlesque dancers and magicians. Arrive early, we don't abide by stage times and strict timetables.

Please check us out (and add us) at www.myspace.com/blacktoothrock...

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Was planning to but knee is giving me serious gip again so having to bail on tonight, pity as I like these Monday nights, hopefully will make next Monday no problem. Was nice bumping into the Black Atom guys at the Exodus gig in Glasgow, hope you didn't lumbered all night Joe with that strange wee bloke.

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TONIGHT! Monday 19th May 2008


Snafu, 9pm-2am (free entry with free pass - available from the moorings bar tonight)

rock DJs and two live bands (first act onstage 9.30pm) ....

Mohare - MySpace.com - Mohare - - Rock / Progressive / Indie - www.myspace.com/moharerock

Cookhouse Heroes - MySpace.com - Cook House Heroes - Aberdeen, UK - Indie / Rock / Alternative - www.myspace.com/cookhouseheroes

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(9pm-2am, free entry passes available from The Moorings Bar)

WE PUSH BUTTONS - Alternative / Electro / Rock - MySpace.com - WE PUSH BUTTONS [NOW BOOKING!!!] - UK - Alternative / Electro / Rock - www.myspace.com/wepb

Bursting out of the mould, We Push Buttons are an energetic new

sound, combining a full-hearted fusion of pop/ punk, electronica

and rock. Forming in early 2007, We Push Buttons are a driving

new force with their brand new EP release, ‘Not That Simple’.

"WE PUSH BUTTONS prove to be a huge CAMDEN hit, and they

sure know how to pull a crowd and party hard - filling the room

with tasty harmonies & melodies. Full of energy on stage, this

four-piece bounce and sing their hearts out which definitely

sends SHIVERS down your SPINE and makes everyone dance."


Stone Fidella - Rock / Alternative - MySpace.com - Stone Fidella - Aberdeenshire, UK - Rock / Alternative - www.myspace.com/stonefidella

Rock & roll with a dash of punk-a-billy-stoner, now making their

mark on live audiences across Aberdeen.

Vesuvian - Psychedelic / Indie / Alternative - MySpace.com - Vesuvian - ABERDEEN, UK - Psychedelic / Indie / Alternative - www.myspace.com/vesuvian

Influenced by The Black Angels, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club,

Verve, Brian Jonestown Massacre, The Warlocks, The Velvet

Underground, The Ravonettes, Radiohead, 13th Floor Elevators,

Pink Floyd, Jesus & Mary Chain, Spacemen 3, The Beatles, The

Who, Oasis, Black Ryder, Ride, Spiritualized, Death In Vegas,

The Beta Band, The Stone Roses, etc.

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MySpace.com - sidca(booking tour now) - aberdeen, UK - Rock / Rock / Death Metal - www.myspace.com/sidca

"sidca are a band from Aberdeen. thats the grey city in scotland. sidca has been around a few years. the band are quite loud. we make music that sounds really neat to us, but it makes some people happy, some disgusted, some confused and others very angry. sidca probably think you are a dick."


MySpace.com - Greater The Shadow - UK - Rock / Ambient / Other - www.myspace.com/greatertheshadowmakemusic

Influenced by "mogwai, isis, my bloody valentine, 65 days of static, pelican, angelo badalamenti, slint, boards of canada, sonic youth... other bands... life in general"


MySpace.com - Red Mongoose - Aberdeen, UK - Blues / Rock / Classic Rock - www.myspace.com/redmongooseband

"Our sound/direction can be linked back to (in no particular order) Led Zeppelin, The Who, Cream, The Black Crowes, The Foo Fighters, the Rolling Stones, The Clash, Thin Lizzy, Deep Purple and many other great bands and artists whether they be rock, punk, blues or other. Though obviously we're not as good as them but we try!"

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this monday's headline act have just sent me some reviews of their new single...

SNAFU, 14 july - MySpace.com - The Elvis Suicide - Glasgow, UK - Punk / Rock / Country - www.myspace.com/theelvissuicide

"Franz Ferdinand on 10 Red Bulls. It’s arch art rock with a phlegm-filled punk attitude, a blitzkrieg wall of sonic rage. This band sound like a gang and you’ll want to join."

Daily Record

"My only criticism here is that I have to keep getting up to play it again" 4/5

Music News.com

"like a mix between the fall and the birthday party"

Jim Gellatly xfm

"a Pixies-esque jaw-dropper of a single, crammed to the top with energy, muscle and passion. Bridging the gap between unlistenable rock and the radio friendly stuff, there’s something essentially raw and exciting to this band that’ll ensure they don’t go unnoticed".


"Electrifying band, slightly shambolic but in a bleeding-guitars sort of way, with a death like stomp of Horrors-sized riffs smashing against the zombie-like prowess of 80sMBLD, they‘re definitely onto something…"

Jeremy Chick, Subba-Culture

"this is one talented band, who are trying to do something different from every other band around. The Elvis Suicide are definitely going to make an impact on the British music scene"

Tasty Fanzine.org.uk

"With such short fused songs you can really feel and even taste the raw, almost blistering pace.. it signposts some potential. Just goes to show what a little bit of effort can achieve"


"They have a bad attitude, and I like it"

Vic Galloway, Radio1/Radio Scotland

"This is short but this is good! While most bands in the UK just copy each other and end up suffocating in a boring indie scene full of clones, The ELVIS SUICIDE definitely have their own thing"

Veglam (France)

"Exciting, striking stuff. Killer guitar explosions."

the Plastic Ashtray.co.uk

support from STONE FIDELLA, with ESTRELLA making their Fudge debut.

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