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Bassist/Guitarist Required For Grunge band 'The Exit Strategy'

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Hey there folks. We're looking for a bassist (or a guitarist who doesn't mind playing a bit of bass) to round out the line-up of our, currently three-piece, Grunge band (or Alt-Rock or Shoegaze, whatever classification u fancy :)).

We have a selection of original songs as well as a good few covers (including songs by QOTSA, Dinosaur Jr, Pearl Jam, Tom Petty and Screaming Trees).

Also, we're pretty open minded. We're into a big pile of bands (hence the random Tom Petty cover). Also, we want people to bring their own sound to the band - because we think that's what makes the best music. :music:

Anyway, check out some of our choonz at The Exit Strategy<theexitstrategy>.

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Guest idol_wild
Im 2 years late methinks but im a guitar player (i like pearl jam/Nirvana Mostly) i'd be willn to do guitar

Focus on your own band, dude. Like L'Oreal: Shutterspeed are worth it.

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