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Any other folks here produced one? I produced two anarcho punk zines - Incendiary and Insurrection 1988-90. Ran a zine and record distro called Incendiary too 1991-93. Since then i've restricted my zine forays to making contributions to other titles, in particular US anarcho punk mag Profane Existence 1995-99, and more recently GFN? zine issues 1-4.

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I did one and a half issues of Sharpshooter and would have liked to have done more if I had the time. Perhaps one day. In the meanwhile I've been contributing to GFN, Thirsk First, Pee (Australia), Ploppy Pants and Running On Empty amongst others.

If your at a GFN gig, pick up a copy of the UK Zine yearbook featuring contributions from a ton of different zines currently on the go. It's a hefty but most enjoyable read.

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put together the first 3 issues of GFN? zine (with the help of many others like Kirk and David.) Issue 4 is finally ready, it took about 9 months to do, partly because lots of people who said they'd send me stuff didn't, but mainly because i got too busy with other things which is probably why most zines dissapear after a couple of issues.

If anyone's interested the first 3 issues are online at Good For Nothing? Records website

Issue 4 will be available at Tunnels on Sunday night (http://www.aberdeen-music.com/forums/gigs-event-announcements/48389-%5Bgig%5D-climate-change-benefit-hijacks-more-%40-tunnels.html) and all upcoming GFN? gigs. Same goes for the zine yearbook too.

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