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Go North Line Up

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Northern Remedy


The Caves




The Casuals

Kid Carpet

AKA the Fox

Rolan Bolan

The Cellers

Ally Kerr




Millenium Child


Dead Fly Buchowski

Tiger Bombs




Half Cousin


The Needles

Maria Solheimm

Roddy Hart

Kevin O'Hara

Poor Old Ben

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God says 'no' to Edinburgh - not a single band from the glorious capital in that list. Maybe not a bad thing :)

But what's with all the made up bands from Aberdeen? AKA The Fox? Millenium Child? Oh well, well done to all the lucky people, and all the usual platitudes...

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Nice to see Aziz playing, phenomenal guitarist, and nice bloke. For those that haven't seen him he plays with ian Brown, replaced John Squire in the Stone Roses, and plays some brilliant Indian tinged guitar work, he works with a superb tabla player called Dal Singh. For fun he plays in Steve Hogarth from marillion's solo band and rates as one of the most impressive guitarists I've ever seen.



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The Needles, AKA the fox (so fucking hot...!!!) Dedalus (Mercy in white shoes) Half Cousin.

Good line up.

You never know... Le Reno Amps and Real Shocks are rumoured to be playing too.... but naturally I wouldn't know ;) shhhhneaky shhhneaky.

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AKA the fox are wonderful.... I want to become obsessed with them. Literally my favourite local band. I just recall standing in drummond's, drenched in my own sweat, standing wide eyed in amazement.

I think I want to marry them.

I'll most probably be at the needles gig and *should* be at the Dedalus gig depending on my sound check that day.

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Guest Tam o' Shantie

dunno, i saw em at the moorings. not bad but not amazing either. upbeat rock with DISCO BEATZ and a saxophonist. the singer is really ace though and has made live appearances with THE HARRY DALGARNOS

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Originally posted by Camie:

what is the dates for the gigs anyway? and what are aka the fox like ive only heard good things about them

I dunno the dates *may edit this post in like 10 minutes if I can find out*

AKA the fox... hrmmm...

Mad Sax, thumping drum machine, choppy guitars, death wails, riding bass rifts... its like sex... on stage. Very energetic. I love it.

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Damn right. I loved it. It left me all sweaty and hot... feeling kinda hot... yet at peace. I felt the urge to drink wildly afterwards... and scream the word "Erotic" in a Northern Irish accent through the empty early morning streets of this damned city.

It was magical, in the sexiest way.

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Rumour is Dedalus are playing on the 9th, but that's not confirmed yet. So I dunno.

We're on the 9th, I know that.... at some insane hour... aftershow thingymajig.

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Originally posted by placidcasual:

" 'shit' would be too good a word for this lineup.

are most of those names made up? "

shame on you whoever you are. keep up or take notes.

Ah you're in AKA the fox. Is the rumour correct, Wednesday the 9th at 12:15am?? For Drummond's Closure.

PS: The battle of the bands final performance was legend. You guys were supreme. Who does the drum programming?

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