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jekyl & hyde in aberdeen...


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Did anyone else see this in the times over the weekend?

I didn't fully read it (had to go to work), but appraently Professor Ral Ruiz (who accepted a position in Aberdeen Uni), is going to direct "jekyl and hyde" in Aberdeen...starrting John Malkovich...

I'll get back with the details (i was just a bit excited to read the headlines, so I posted this message!)

anyone else read / seen anything about this?

Raul Ruiz in Aberdeen - North East Scotland Forum on GrampianLife

"I do hope he goes ahead with a project to do a version of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde set in Aberdeen, or direct films of some of the Scottish folk stories he's interested in.

In any case, Ral Ruiz' presence in Aberdeen should be a source of pride and will hopefully serve as an inspiration to the creative culture of the city. I feel inspired by the mere thought I might bump into him on Union Street "

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set, filmed, produced (?) in aberdeen...

I'll go read that paper...



shot in aberdeen (late 2008 / early 2009) - by Ruiz - and Malcovitch is "in the running for the main role"

it's a modern take, where hyde is not the "monster", but a sort of a wide, drug dabbling character, more a charmer or silvertongue than a gibbering monster.

Sounds interesting..."low budget"...still, bloody good news for aberdeen's film "industry" - I am sure that Lee Hutcheon (in a man's world, riminski) will be happy about that!

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I missed the story in the times, so am pleased to read in your posts that the Jekyl and Hyde project is still moving ahead.

From what I read in the Aberdeen magazine the script was being co-written by Ruiz and Gilbert Adair, a Scottish writer I greatly respect for translating Perec's A Void without using 'e's).

Jekyl and Hyde is a fantastic novel and repays retelling... and from your summary, lepeep, I'm increasingly interested in this one.

Malcovitch on Aberdeen streets would be a good thing :up:

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