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Control - Anyone else seen this movie yet?


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Apologies if this has already been discussed, but I couldn't find another thread about this movie.

I watched "Control" - about the life and death of Joy Division's Ian Curtis - on the plane to Joburg earlier in the week.

Anyone else seen it?


Well acted and sometimes moving, but a film that can make *Schindler's List, Eraserhead and PI appear cheerful and uplifting in comparison has some serious problems.

There's some dark humour - mostly added by Tony Kebbell who played their cocky and foul-mouth manager Rob Gretton - but mostly it's doom & gloom.

Ironic that Curtis should name his band Joy Division when there seems to have been very little, if any, joy in his own life.

*I mention these three movies as they were also shot in B&W and were hard work!

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Joy Division is named for the systematic rape/prositution of Jewish women by the Nazis. The Nazis would go to the 'Joy Division' for kicks.

Not a dig but failing to see the irony...

I'm well aware of the origins of the name - the simple irony is that an apparently joyless man, played in a band with "Joy" in the title. Just an observation on my part, nothing deeper.

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Guest bluesxman

Watched it last night, it was pretty decent, the guy did look a bit too much like Pete Doherty a lot of the time though.

Toby Kebbel was superb as Rob Gretton, and he had the best line of the film when the guy they got to sing in place of Curtis asked for his 20 quid and he retorted, Its here in my fuck off pocket.

The complete viewing experience was completely ruined however by the inclusion of a dreadful Killers cover of Shadowplay over the end credits, why oh why was that necessary?

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