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....things i think you need to know about.....

Dizzy Storm

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...dont worry, its nothing bad...and no its not my bra size either hehe ;)

its these great bands and labels which are my big faves of the moment, and with added links where you can check them out...maybe you'll see some of them in aberdeen one day! :up:

SKELETONS & THE KINGS OF ALL CITIES from New York...i really shouldnt like them, with their percussion/brass/funk sounds...yuk...but to me this is just brilliant jazz tinged electronic pop...ACE! (listen to Sickness, oh and Fit Black Man)

MySpace.com - Skeletons & the Kings of all Cities - QUEENS, New York - Pop - www.myspace.com/skeletonsandthegirlfacedboys

and check their bizzare website out


THE BRITISH EXPEDITIONARY FORCE from newcastle...this band already does to me what Hood has done for the past couple years...and thats saying something...cant stop listening to them!

MySpace.com - The British Expeditionary Force - Newcastle upon Tyne, UK - Alternative / Ambient / Indie - www.myspace.com/thebritishexpeditionaryforce


fave label of the moment, a coincidence i found out about them just before the Olafur Arnalds confirmation...thats his uk label, and where the above BEF come from...but check out APARATEC, RIVAL CONSOLES too..in fact everything they have is great

MySpace.com - Erased Tapes Records Night {Ltd. Tickets For Sale} - London, UK - Electronica / Indie - www.myspace.com/erasedtapes

Erased Tapes Records - Capturing Giants of Cinematic Sound.

ahhh joy

more to follow im sure ;)

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How dare you!

Now I'm off to actually listen n check out Shaz's recommendations. Big fan of most your discerning musical taste's. Apologies for not making the Chap gig Shaz. Hope it ws fun.

More DiZZY SToRM-IMP collaborations please and get the Low Low's back so that they can feel better about Aberdeen! Touring in the new year I believe?

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