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"Don't You Know Who I Am?!?"

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OK, perhaps it isn't quite as beyond the realms of disbelief as I first made out, but you would think they might have thought to themselves at one point that it would make them look particularly bad when the media got hold of it...

Never worked for a council then? This sort of shite is quite normal.

In my last job, I didn't have that much to do with them but:

I was once hauled out of the caffeteria queue & told to wait till the elected reps & their guests who were in my building on a junket got the free nosebag.

Then there was a full-on row between my boss & the wifey from the Town House about our needing to pay or not. As there was no till on that day (service users were kept well clear when the councillors visited), she was demanding someone be sent to cash one up so I & my two coleagues could pay. Apparently our arranging to pay when normal service was resumed the next day was not going to be enough. Remember this is a subsidised canteen & the cost involved was pennies.

Then we made the supreme error of sitting down in the canteen to eat our food! She was not at all happy about that & told us to eat-up & leave fast! Being reminded we were entitled to a lunch-break didn't go down at all well.

I made bloody sure I was loitering in the coffeeroom when they paused for a cuppa later that day. :D

Then there was the time I was hauled-up to explain myself because I forgot to address a certain well-known, sleazy, fraudulent twat/fucknut of a recently-resigned ex-council convener, who was then currently sexually harassing a friend of mine by his "official" title.

That was pleasant, especially when I advised them that they would get nowhere & he was more likley to get his teeth to play with than any form of politeness form me (I had also worked with him just before he was first elected & had no time for the guy anyway). My boss just quailed at the sight of this & after that, posted me to the arse-end of our area whenever the Townhouse might be taking a look at us.

Then there was another one, where I was involved as a participant & one of our fellow participants decided to keep the social things going. When faced with the refusal to sell him more booze, he actually came out with the line - "Don't you know who I am, ..... I'm a Tory MP!" He didn't get his booze tho! :)

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Was so close to swearing at someone from the Council's Human Resource department the other day.

Arrogant, clueless fuckwit.

...which is why he/she is working in Human Remains.

Useless fuckwits the lot of them.

Going back to an earlier thread, some Council Heid-Yins think of themselves as demi-gods.

My response to their "do you know who I am" would be a simple "do you know how much I earn? - lots more than you fuckstick"

That'd learn them :up:

NB : I'm not that arrogant, but that kind of response would rile these cunts.

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