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Cielo Drive Looking for gigs.


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I'll most likely get removed from the site for posting this image we're currently using to advertise ourselfs.

But who cares!

We're a three piece Alt Rock band from "The Ferry" Outside Edinburgh. We've got a full length album soon to be ready + we're "going" on a tour of the US! lol

Anyway , My names Chris (Buckley) the bassist. If you would like to help me/us out with getting a show. PM me or something. We would love to play the moorings bar as well, i haven't played there since i was 17 hahaha. 19 now though! For promoters to know, the age of the band is 19-21.

MySpace.com - Cielo Drive - Edinburgh, UK - Alternative / Ambient / Rock - www.myspace.com/cielodriveuk


Inspired by her ruining peoples dreams. "WHAT UR NOT SINGING IN A ENGLISH ACCENT AND BEEN PROPPPA GOOD"..........

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Guest Tam o' Shantie

i must admit it is a pretty controversial and shocking image and a highly scathing attack on the rich pop girl but I can just about handle looking at it, i say let them stay on the site but give them a stern warning

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