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again, in conjunction with ELECTRIQUE BOUTIQUE @ SNAFU, DiZZY SToRM brings to Aberdeen...THE CHAP


"This urgent, weird record is bereft of the kind of reassuring reference points that tend to signify

obvious commercial success, and is absolutely deserving of it for precisely that reason."

Guardian Guide

"The Chap give birth to freakish dadaist disco babies. Youll love it." NME

"It's cerebral and detached in its methodology but visceral in its impact. Most of all it's fantastic

fun. Serious fun." The Wire

The Chap consist of Berit Immigy (keyboards, vocals), Johannes von Weizscker (guitar, vocals, computer, cello), Panos Ghikas (bass, violin, guitar, computer, vocals), Keith Duncan (drums, keyboards, vocals). They are a London-based modern pop group named after a magazine on how to be the perfect contemporary gentleman. They claim they have never been influenced by anything or anyone, ever. Now thats not strictly true. They are influenced by many things, such as the entire pop canon, the entire world cinema canon, food, drink, free improv and liberal Trotskyism. The resulting sound is a unique brand of pop music containing many a snippet of noise as well as space-rock choirs, exploding string instruments and lyrics about courage, modesty, sex and asthma.

The band itself started when Johannes persuaded Panos and Claire ( to play live gigs with him for his solo project. They were soon joined by Keith and developed into a full band, writing all the music together. It wasn't long before they attracted the sharply tuned and eclectic ears of Lo Recordings (Cursor Miner, Red Snapper, et al) and this gave birth to a series of releases, culminating in their first two albums, The Horse(2003) and Ham(2005).

Recorded and produced entirely by the band, both albums received enthusiastic reviews, posed challenges to music technology journalists and afforded the band the joys of extensively touring both the UK and Europe (including two sold out shows in Athens) and opening for the likes of ESG, Alan Vega, Why? and Tom Vek (himself a fan). Audience reactions have suggested it is possible to be overwhelmed by the unexpected and then to learn how to dance to it in the space

of ten minutes.

Recently, the Chap have been busy producing plenty of new material (in which they tackle classic economic theory with plenty of harmony singing) as well as remixing singles for their new fans Beck and Bloc Party. Both Remixes are due for worldwide release this spring.

Come along! Its worth it. Kids at gigs have said the Chap really rock and are really out there and look like teachers.

The Chap - The Band

MySpace.com - The Chap - LONDON, UK - Alternative / Rock / Experimental - www.myspace.com/thechap



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poster for THE CHAP gig....supports to be added....one can be announced as TOM THE NOISEMONGER aka Tom from The Jinx /Wasow...great experimental folk/pop/electonica :up:

TOM THE NOISEMONGER...tom bigg, i play guitars and keyboards and am also partial to small black boxes with knobs on and computer programs. frequent assistance from ross mcclure and pete mcconville playing and singing as is their want...

MySpace.com - tomthenoisemonger - Aberdeen, UK - Folk / Pop / Experimental - www.myspace.com/tomthenoisemonger


keep yer eyes peeled for more support info

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lets not forget (in amongst all the icelandic excitement on the DS forum!) that THIS is the next DiZZY SToRM gig...with the great great great THE CHAP!!

They will perform some of their new stuff to be released on their

third album ("Mega Breakfast") to be released Spring 2008 on Lo



12 Oct UK London - Magic Circle / The Egg *

25 Oct UK Cambridge - Man on the Moon (with Agaskodo Teliverek and Cockland)

02 Nov UK Bristol - Cube

04 Nov UK Glasgow - The Admiral Bar

05 Nov UK Aberdeen - Electric Boutique / Snafu

06 Nov UK Edinburgh - The Ark

07 Nov UK Leeds - Brudenell Social Club (with Fonda 500)

08 Nov UK Manchester - Cafe Saki

09 Nov UK Coventry - Taylor John's House

11 Nov UK London - Corsica Studios

23 Nov UK Southampton - The Soul Cellar *

25 Nov UK Reading - Monkey Suit / Oakford Social Club *

20 Dec UK London - 93 Feet East *

here's a quote from the band's blog about a remix album they released while the 3rd album was being made...

...Forgot to mention, we released a new record last month! It's one of those remix EPs people put out when they don't have any new material to release.

Only ours is different! It's got some awesome remixes and reinterpretations by superhuman figures such as Hot Chip, Pier Bucci as well as the most beautiful of their generation, Vincent Oliver and Zilla. The Zilla mix is up on our profile for your education/delectation right now.

It's 12" vinyl only, and packaged in an anti-static bag with a "sticker". It's strictly limited to the number we can sell...

and look what THEE MORE SHALLOWS had to say about it...!!

Myspace.com Blogs - The Chap - The Chop - The Chap MySpace Blog

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